Chancellor Valorum

Chancellor of the Assembly


Human, mid-sixties. Looks like the dude from Star Wars.


Native of Coruscant itself, though his parents were from Corneria. Gained prominence in the bureaucracy of the Assembly rather than by serving as an actual Representative; he tends to have a great deal of connections within the Assembly’s hierarchy rather than with individual kingdoms and uses his connections, along with those favors owed to him, to streamline the business of governance.

His major goals have been a strengthening of the Assembly as a political unit and repeated interference in the actions of some of the more independently powerful kingdoms. While this has set him against the likes of the Renvient Mages and their ilk in defense of weaker kingdoms it is open to debate as to what Valorum’s motivation is; his main goal is most likely the weakening of any kingdom that threatens the Assembly’s dominance, rather than the aiding of the weak.


Chancellor Valorum

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